Education. Money. The law. And health care. This July we tackle tough topics with executives across industries. Take a peek at the coverage from gb&d, American Builders QuarterlyAdvantageProfile, and Hispanic Executive

The Education Issue
Schools are all about leaving an impression. While green schools may aim to minimize environmental impact, their goal to shape the minds of tomorrow’s environmental stewards cannot be forgotten. In its annual education issue, gb&d asks what kids in green schools are really learning, if it supports the eco-conscious mission of the buildings themselves, and whether green building principles provide opportunities for improved learning.

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Progress At Penn

Updates to the University of Pennsylvania’s 274-year-old campus are helping the Ivy League institution match its top-notch education with state-of-the-art architecture. ABQ details Penn Compact 2020, the school’s plan to go from “excellence to eminence,” and a few of its signature projects so far.

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The Finance Issue

Advantage dissects finance as an industry and a function of business in its first themed issue. More than number-crunchers, July’s executives are integral partners of business. They open up about changing industries and offer their best advice to future finance pros.

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2014 General Counsel

When you’re an attorney, sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your client out of the headlines. This year, Profile spotlights those stanchions of strategy we call general counsel. Find out what these defenders from some of the biggest corporations in the United States are up to.

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Regina Montoya’s Call to Action

In Dallas, unemployment, health disparities, and poverty are not just Latino problems, which is why Regina Montoya is advocating solutions that bring concerned parties of every background to the table. The Lonestar super star has seen her city come together for the common good before and is championing a similar approach to recognize the value of Hispanics to the community and the country.

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