By Michelle Markelz
NEW YORK CITY—Guerrero Howe publications took home five awards from the 2015 Folio: Show, the most in the company’s history. Folio: recognizes excellent magazines and covers news about nonprofit, boutique, and corporate publishing organizations. Every year, Folio: selects the best in editorial content and design for the Eddies and Ozzies awards. The award luncheon is held in New York City, the hub of the American magazine industry.

GH’s peers and competitors from such respected publishing houses as Condé Nast, Hearst, Bloomberg, and others congregated at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square on Monday, Oct. 19, to recognize the 2015 award winners.

“Quality is difficult to define, because it’s relative,” says Kathy Kantorski, managing director of The Alumni Society and former editor of ABQ. “Awards like Folio’s Eddies and Ozzies help us understand how we stack up against top-tier competition in the magazine industry as determined by objective experts. This recognition becomes our ‘true north’ in defining quality for our future work.”

Guerrero Howe’s winning editorial and design included:

  • The Alumni Society magazine for editorial in an annual one-shot
  • The Alumni Society magazine for design of a new annual one-shot
  • The Corporate Ladder Is Dead” from The Alumni Society magazine for a single article in an annual one-shot
  • The Guardian” from Sync Issue 001 for a B-to-B single article in the technology/telecom category
  • Rough Sketch of Genius” from Issue 4 2014 of American Builders Quarterly for a B-to-B single article in the construction/manufacturing category

GH was also nominated for:

  • Sync Issue 002’s cover design of a B-to-B magazine with circulation under 25,000
  • American Builders Quarterly’s “Rough Sketch of Genius” feature design for a B-to-B magazine with circulation under 100,000
  • Hispanic Executive’s “The Activist Anchor” for a B-to-B single article in the media/entertainment/publishing category
  • Modern Counsel Issue 2 2015 for B-to-B table of contents design

Designer David Owens, Managing Editor Michelle Markelz, Senior Designer Mary Delaware, Managing Director Kathy Kantorski, and Creative Director Karin Bolliger represented the creative department at the Folio: Show.