Executive Speaker Discusses Health and Wellness at Work

By December 20, 2016GH Blog

Jason Morgan, senior director of global health and wellness at Mars Inc., spoke to Guerrero Howe staff members during the latest installment of the Outside Speaker Series.

Morgan was featured in a recent issue American Healthcare Leader, during his tenure as director of global health and wellness at GE Healthcare. In the magazine, he discussed his methodology to employee wellness as a four pillar approach including physical, spiritual, emotional, and social.

During his presentation, Morgan echoed that wellness begins at the company level. Organizations have to prioritize health programs and integrate them into the core of the culture, environment, and leadership structure to see success.

For example, at Mars Inc. most every location has an on-site fitness center or an area for exercise and the company offers meal planning classes as well as healthy options in the cafeteria.

Morgan provided Guerrero Howe staff members with practical advice acquired throughout his professional career.

  • Always be prepared and have a concise, planned elevator pitch ready to go. Morgan emphasized that it’s essential to be ready to deliver this at any moment. Selling who you are and what you do is critical to success for business leaders and for companies.
  • Never stop networking. Morgan points to his successful networking skills as one of the foundational reasons for his business achievements. The key to this according to him is not being afraid to hear the word “no” as well as being strategic in who you network with according to your current circumstances.
  • Organization isn’t overrated. Although he doesn’t consider himself an extremely organized person, Morgan endorses an organized lifestyle. Simple things like making or prioritizing your to-do list with those “must do” items or cleaning up your workspace at the end of the day can provide valuable clarity.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. Choosing the right things to spend your time on is critical to business success and being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. According to Morgan, the prioritization of goals and values that are most important is about energy management rather than time management. This full engagement allows employees to work in the here and now, rather than thinking about “what’s next.”
  • Recognize your strengths and your weaknesses. Morgan believes in embracing and honing your strengths, but also being aware of your weaknesses. No one can be an expert on everything. This self-observation of the things where each leader has room for improvement is imperative for both personal and professional growth.
  • Listening is a key skill. Morgan advised staff members to really listen to their clients, fellow employees, and supervisors. Oftentimes, people focus on how they are going to respond and then miss the most important parts. Listening is just as important as talking and often more difficult to get right, he said.
  • Be you. In closing, Morgan emphasized this simple but significant piece of advice. It’s important to be the same person and be true to yourself both at home and at work.

Morgan also provided a few simple ways to improve your workday health including:

Getting moving (for every hour spent at your desk, get up and move around for at least six minutes).

Be smart about daily snacking and choose healthy, protein-rich options.

Integrating reflection and breathing exercises into your routine.

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